The Commonality Institute promotes commonality and social change,
ideas at the heart of the life’s work of the iconic poet-philosopher Judy Grahn.

We do this by producing:

>> Public events, readings & workshops <<
>> Opportunities to connect with others <<
>> The My Good Judy residency, NOLA <<

Allurement by Quin de la Mer, MGJ resident 2018
Listen to Meryl Streep and the Poetry Foundation “A Change of World” on Judy Grahn

“Commonality works to see how we are uniquely different and how we can cherish and respect those differences . . .

Commonality starts from standing in your own place, your being, looking across at others standing where they are in their beings, and noticing what overlaps, what can be in common.

Commonality in origin stories means including both sexes and all genders, and the contributions to culture and human evolution of all peoples. Everyone is equally evolved, equally in relation to nature, equally descended from the earliest common ancestors of our evolutionary past.”

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“I am thrilled that Judy Grahn’s amazing poetry will once again become available to a new generation. She is a phenomenon – a fierce poet of witness and action, a visionary, with a tough and compassionate heart and a piercing intelligence, rooted in a spirituality that locates the sacred in the belly of the profane. And what a writer! Look at her wit, her compression, her ear for rhythms and sounds, her instinct for dialogic tension, her ability to compose large structures held together as in music by expected and unexpected recurrences, her common woman’s twentieth century vocabulary along with ancient and archaic uses of language: naming as ritual, cursing, keening, spell-casting. Anyone who reads Grahn will be changed for life. Repeat: for life.”

– Alicia Ostriker, on the publication of
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